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Our mission is making a lasting difference in as many lives as possible.  We believe professional coaching and counseling will create a difference in your life and your relationships.  Dori & Rob have influenced lasting changes in over 2000 couples and individual clients.

Dori is a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) through the Christian Coach Institute and holds a Bachelor's Degree.  She has worked in business, education, and ministry.  Dori and Rob have been married over 30 years, raised two children, love to travel, hike, explore the outdoors, and cook together.


Rob is a Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with certifications in many therapy methods.  Lifespan Integration and Cognitive Reframing are specialties and in high demand.  He has worked as an ordained pastor, a leadership development consultant, and taught Small Business/Entrepreneurship within college environments.


Over 2,000 People Living Better Lives

Couple Married 23 Years

We were headed for divorce after years of arguing, lack of emotional intimacy, and poor communication.  Wow, I cannot thank Dori enough for saving our marriage.  Changing how we love, how we view forgiveness & trust, and letting go of the past mended our hearts and renewed our minds.

Couple Together 4 Years

We were emotionally damaged from failed marriages for both of us.  We learned how to really listen and understand each other. Through relational mending and building activities we changed how we loved and finally forgave each other.  I cannot thank Dori enough!

27 Year Old Woman

Life Changing!  I learned how to feel and process emotions, accept myself, and resolve past pains through prayer, meditation, and telling myself the truth. I ended an abusive relationship and maybe for the first time in my life I am hopeful and more free.  Dori is Awesome!

37 Year Old Woman

I was recently divorced and struggling, stressed at work and unable to engage in new relationships. With Lifespan Integration and reframing my thoughts and beliefs, I worked through grief and pain. Practicing how to think and leaving my past issues behind me is beyond wonderful.  Thank you, Rob!

Engaged Couple

We had no major issues, but wanted the best marriage possible. In blending families we needed tools to smooth out the transition. We learned to share without blame and build confidence in meeting each other's needs.  Even our kids see the difference in our relationship!

Outstanding process of leaving my past behind me forever!  At first, I was a bit apprehensive given Lifespan Integration Therapy was far too easy.  After the 1st Therapy Session, I was thinking clearer and more focused.  I met with Rob 6x and my life will never be the same.  Thank you, Rob, for believing in me when I was ready to give up on life.  My goals are in full forward motion now!

46 Year Old Male



Counseling & coaching

Couples learn to effectively communicate, resolve conflicts, and build emotional intimacy.  Gain skills to repair trust, build love languages, and change relational habits.  Learn how to love each other through joys as well as stresses.  Couples engage in mending trust and building far better interactions, including learning emotional intimacy creating a new, life-giving relationship. When necessary to enhance growth, each partner may meet individually with Rob or Dori.  Couples counseling requires two relatively healthy individuals in mending trust, learning new skills, and to build a healthier relationship.  Your couples counselor during the first few sessions will evaluate if either or both partners require a deeper-level of therapy, and if so, recommend Lifespan Integration or other appropriate therapy. 

Lifespan Integration Therapy

Lifespan Integration therapy heals deeply!  When a client walks through a "life review" of short mental cues from past experiences, the neurological system leaves the past behind and moves the client to the "present" and radically changes his/her future.  LI Therapy is short-term requiring 6 to 12 sessions.  Clients with painful, traumatic, &/or deep emotional scars from their past whether as a child, teen, or adult will discover more joy, peace, mental focus, emotional wellness, and will confidently make healthier life decisions including caring and loving self.  Rob offers LI Therapy to Military and other PTSD-related clientele, adults with past childhood traumas, clients unable to love themselves, and with crime victims and perpetrators. This is one of the few "proven" therapies for trauma-based issues!

1-on-1 Life Coaching

You will learn how to create better, more effective relationships. Gain vital skills in handling interpersonal conflicts and effectively resolve pain within relationships enhancing self-confidence, self-love, and your ability to build trust again. Clients also discover more purpose in life through personal accountability, motivational focus, and achieve what they most want in life.  Coaching clients are commonly more healthier individuals who need to "pivot" their lives with help from a life coach.  The most common coaching client is one who does not require deeper emotional and cognitive therapy.  If Dori assesses a client might need therapy first, then engage in life coaching, she will guide accordingly.

Mental Health Evaluation

Comprehensive evaluation for adults and children.  There are many reasons individuals want or need a mental health evaluation, e.g., court ordered, divorce and child custody, employer applicant screening, and more.  Some people also want to know if their emotional stresses are related to a mental health issue. Children over 6 years may be evaluated for various issues; e.g., self-esteem, ADHD, aggression, etc.  Rob offers professional reports supporting clients' court hearings, crime-related trials, child-custody hearings, and reports given directly to the clients for a wide-variety of needs and outcomes.

FEES: $105 to $155 per Session
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Based on family size and total household income
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